Food In Japan

The food in Japan is some of the yummiest in the world, and we always eat a lot when we go there :D

It’s not all Sushi and various other fish dishes though…although there are a loooot of yummy fish dishes… are some food I’d recommend you try if you go to Japan ;)

Omurice; fried rice inside an omelette.

Tonkatsu; pork fried in breadcrumbs.


Hambaagu; a kind of steak made with minced meat.

Yakitori; grilled chicken and leak on a skewer.


Ramen; noodles in soup…my favourite is miso ramen ^^

Okonomiyaki; Japanese pancake…there are many varieties of this.


Katsu-Curry; Tonkatsu with curry rice….2 great things joined together :D


If you’re like me though, you could pretty much walk into any restaurant in Japan, order anything off the menu, and be given the yummiest thing you ever tasted ;P


If you’re English and you order “Fish & Chips” though, it won’t be what you expect ^_^;
That fish was delicious anyway though ;P


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