Hello Kitty Collection Continues ^-^

I’ve been collecting things to do with Hello Kitty, in her various guises, for a few years now, and when we go to Japan I always come back with new things to add to the collection :P

This time I got a variety of things from different places we visited :)

I got 2 soft toys this time, a kimono one, and from last Halloween there was a promotion at Mister Donut, and our niece in Japan got me Kitty dressed as a witch ^^

I also got a couple of fridge magnets celebrating Hello Kitty in her 40th year, and a souvenir coin from the airport :)

The latest Hello Kitty cross-over is with Peko Chan, so we bought a special box of Milky sweets with them on the box :P
The unusual thing about this image of Kitty, is that she has a mouth >.>


I also get help in my Kitty collecting from our friends and relatives in Japan, and this time I received some nice stationary…thanks guys (^o^)/


When we travel to new places in Japan it’s almost guaranteed that there will be Hello Kitty charms on sale specific to that place, so we always try to make sure we get one.

They’re a nice memento of where we’ve been, and each one is different and relative to that place :)


I’ve got quite a lot of them now ^_^;


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