Japanese Drinks 2014

Every time I go to Japan I try to find interesting new drinks to try, and I’ve written about many on here before ^^

This time it was very hard to find some though >.>
Perhaps it was the wrong time of year or something ^_^;

I did manage to find a few to try though, which were something different from what I’ve seen in the UK:

This one was a can of Japanese Pear juice…it was really yummy and refreshing ^^
Japanese pears are round, not “pear shape” like British pears :P


Japan always seems to get a wider variety of Fanta flavours than in the UK, and a new one that I found was pineapple flavour.

It was really clear, almost like water, and not as fizzy as other Fanta I’ve tried….tasted good though :)


The other new drink I tried was some Fuji mineral water, which although it’s been filtered down through Mount Fuji, it tastes like most other mineral waters ^_^;

It was in a special Hello Kitty bottle though :P


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