Spaghetti Ice-lolly? @_@

I like trying new things when in Japan, and usually even if something sounds strange it stills turns out to be nice :)

Not this time though X_x

Napolitan is a Japanese take on an Italian dish, it’s essentially spaghetti in a type of tomato sauce with peppers, onion, sausage, etc……and it’s really yummy ^^

So when we found a Napolitan flavoured ice-lolly, I thought I’d better try it…basically to see what the heck that could actually taste like >.>

It doesn’t taste very nice ^_^;

This was from a brand of ice-lolly known as “Gari Gari Kun” (the character on the packet), and other flavours in this line taste really nice.

The main flavour of this one is like frozen tomato, and in the middle there are little balls of extra tomato flavouring…..for the first time when trying something unusual like this in Japan, I really struggled to finish it.

But it was worth it because now I know what a spaghetti flavoured ice-lolly would taste like :P


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