Last weekend we went to Stourhead, which is a National Trust property with a really big lake garden ^^

If you’re not a National Trust member then there are 2 charges  for entering the garden and the house, but it’s worth seeing both if you can ;)

We went to the garden first, and it’s made up of a long path which encircles a huge lake.

The water was very calm, apart from when some ducks were splashing around, and lots of flowers were in bloom on bushes all along the path :)

It’s a really nice place to walk around, and while we were sat on the grass some ducks walked over to say “quack” to our duck, Jack :P


There are several interesting features around the lake, including this grotto, which has really crystal clear water flowing in it from behind the statues ^^


Some of the main features of the garden, apart from the lake itself, are the temples dotted around.

Unfortunately one of the temples was covered up for repair, but we were able to see the others, and the Temple of Apollo on top of a hill overlooking the lake is pretty cool ^-^


The house at Stourhead is pretty big, and has a nice outlook over the countryside ahead of it :)

Only the ground floor is open to visitors, but there is a nice variety of rooms to look around, with some nice details like the marble fireplaces.

The library is a very impressive room, and they also have their own gallery room which looks like it was lifted straight from a museum >.>


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