A Nostalgia Fuelled Car-Boot Sale

Even from a very young age, right up until now, I’ve always given a lot of care to things, and tried to keep things in good condition for as long as possible even when using them a lot.

And if something’s not broken, then I’m very reluctant to throw it away even if I’m unlikely to ever use it again…..combine these 2 traits though, and you can end up keeping a looooot of stuff for a very long time ^_^;

Essentially this meant that almost every toy I owned from about the age of 5 up until the start of my teenage years, was still in one piece, had all its accessories, and was in a good condition to still be played with…..and so I hadn’t got rid of anything, and it’s been sitting in my Mum’s attic for the past 15 years or so ;>.>

Originally we all thought / hoped that those retro toys from the 80’s / early 90’s might be worth something some day (even without their boxes, although some did have them)…..but unfortunately unless you know where to take them, or find the right collector looking for a specific one, they’re not worth much like this :(

But now, although they’ve actually been moved along with house moves several times before, Mum is moving house and this time it was finally the time to sort through all of the boxes, and decide what was to be thrown away, and what could potentially be sold at a local car-boot sale…..to clear space, make a little money from something that’s not increasing in value, and hopefully give some of these toys a second chance to be played with and loved again :)

We first shifted 3 cars full of boxes to my Dad’s house where we could sort through them, and see what’s what…..I had kept a loooot of stuff ^_^;

A lot was thrown away, not toys really but other bits and pieces I’d kept over the years for some reason or another….a lot of (now out dated) videogame magazines, packaging from electronics, old and now faded mementoes etc.

Eventually we got it down to a more manageable single car load of boxes, which we took to try and sell the next morning.


Although some of the toys are still relevant; Ninja Turtles, Transformers, Pokemon etc, I also had a lot which are not currently known so well by kids; Ghostbusters, Mask, Ring Raiders etc….so we weren’t really expecting much interest.

We were surprised though that right from the start we were swamped by interested people, before we’d even finished getting the boxes out of the car O.o

It was a real mix of types of people buying from us too; older kids, younger kids, parents, grandparents, collectors, re-sellers, hobbyists, and other general enthusiasts :D

I thought I would be sad to see everything from my childhood disappearing from in front of me, but it was actually really fun :)
It gave me the chance to demonstrate how some of the things work, and show some of the harder to spot fun features; like hidden missile launchers that still worked, or how a Mask vehicle could split into 2 separate modes by sliding the right part etc.

It was fun chatting with people who grew up with these same kinds of toys, and who had fond memories of them too….and it was brilliant seeing little kids get excited at the chance to play with them ^^

In the end, we sold virtually everything, and although we sold them for less than we’d once hoped they’d go for, we still made a pretty good amount from them, and they’ve gone off for a 2nd chance to be played with :)

Y’ was planning to take a photo of our table from the front once we’d set everything out, and I was hoping to take a few photos of individual sets of toys, but because we drew such a big crowed so fast, and maintained the interest right through, she only managed to get a few photos…..and when we started there was more stuff than what you can see here below, for example that green box in the last photo was filled right up with various figures :P


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