Japanese Coin Sneaker Laundry

In the UK, if you want to wash your trainers you either have to do it by hand, or put them into your washing machine and listen to them banging around in there while they potentially do some damage ;>.>

In Japan they’ve come up with a great solution though; the “Coin Sneaker Laundry” machine :D

I spotted this in a laundrette on my most recent visit to Japan, and I thought it was a great idea ^^

Why don’t we have these in the UK?
Or have I just never seen one before? ^_^;


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2 Responses to Japanese Coin Sneaker Laundry

  1. renmi86 says:

    The dryer looks like a microwave. The price isn’t really all *that* bad… Are these in most laundry mats in Japan?

    • Spinner182 says:

      I suppose it does look a bit like a microwave for your shoes hehe.

      I’ve only ever been in 2 laundromats in Japan, so I can’t really say how common they are…
      I don’t remember if there was one of these in the other laundromat though ^_^;

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