Wallace & Gromit: From The Drawing Board

To celebrate 25 years of Wallace & Gromit, there’s a special exhibition being held at the M-Shed in Bristol, until September :)

There’s a small charge to enter the special exhibition area, but there are some really interesting things inside ;)

There are a lot of the original models, sets, and props on display from the various films featuring Wallace & Gromit, and the amount of detail that goes into them is amazing >.>

Everything from the individual pieces of furniture, to the keys on the mantelpiece is carefully crafted and put in its place….it’s really interesting to look at ^^


Parts of the exhibition are decorated like sketchy versions of rooms from Wallace’s house, and it’s fun to go between the areas, as you don’t know what kind of room you’ll be stepping into next :)


There is also a lot of information on display going into detail about the creative process behind making a Wallace & Gromit film, including copies of original sketches by Nick Park, the creator of Wallace & Gromit.

It’s interesting to see how the characters have changed since their first sketches, and how they’ve gently evolved from film to film.


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