St Davids

We’ve just come back from a few nights camping in south-west Wales :)

We were staying at a campsite on a farm near the city of St Davids, which is the smallest city in Britain.

The city is more like a small town or village in size, but it has a very impressive cathedral; which gives St Davids its city status :P

The main street through the city is quite nice to walk along, with some interesting shops to look around in and a weekly market.


Of course the main attraction is the cathedral itself though, and it’s set down from the main street, which enables you to get a really nice view of it from higher up ^^


The inside of the cathedral was unusual for us, because it has a wooden ceiling (most cathedrals in the UK tend to have carved stone ceilings) and it was really impressive when we first entered the building and looked up :)

The whole cathedral was open for us to look around, and it was really interesting to see.


While we were there a choir group were practicing, and it gave a really fitting sound to the atmosphere as we walked around :)

One thing I noticed that perhaps is easily missed, is that above the space where the choir were, the ceiling high up in the tower is painted.

The other ceilings seemed to all be stained wood, but in this space it is brightly coloured, and it was really interesting to spot it ^^

Be sure to look up often as you walk around ;)


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