Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon is a National Trust area in Pembrokeshire, south Wales……and it was very hard for us to find ;>.>

We planned to come here in the morning but got lost and gave up ^_^;
We tried again later in the day on our way back past the general direction where we thought it was, and eventually managed to find it ^^

There is a car park at the beach near the lagoon, and a path from there takes you around the edge of the coast towards the lagoon.

The lagoon is actually the flooded pit of a disused slate quarry, and on the way along the path you can start to spot some of the ruins of the abandoned buildings which used to be part of the quarry operation.


Eventually as you go around a corner, the lagoon suddenly appears ahead of you, and it’s an amazing sight ^^

The water is a really nice blue colour, and it looks perfect for swimming i on a nice day :)

When we arrived, we were in time to see a group on an adventure activity, who were jumping into the water from one of the high sides.

DSC06037DSC06040DSC06046 (1)DSC06049

There’s also a cliff-top path which enables you to get a higher view over the lagoon, which is worth a look ;)


We even saw some dogs enjoying the nice blue waters :P

DSC06043 (1)DSC06052 (1)

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