Pembroke Castle

Pembroke Castle is a medieval castle in the town of Pembroke in Wales, it was the birthplace of King Henry VII of England.

The castle has been partly restored around the main gate house, and the main keep is still standing, although many of the buildings around the base of the keep are more ruined.

You can walk all around inside the areas in the gate house, and it’s like a maze in there >.>

There are passages leading in many directions and spread over several floors with access to 4 or 5 tower roofs….it’s easy to get lost in there, but fun to explore ^^


Inside the restored parts of the castle there are several models and displays telling the history of the castle.


From the tops of the towers, and along the tops of the outer walls, you can see some great views :)


While we were at the castle there was a camp set up with people dressed as soldiers from the period….they would do displays with the various weapons they had with them throughout the day.

DSC06260DSC06248 (1)DSC06281 (1)

The inside of the main keep is empty now, with all of the floors gone it’s just a shell of what it once was.

It’s possible to climb the steps of the keep to the top though, and although they’re a little steep and narrow, it’s well worth it for the view from the top ;)


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