Newark Park

Yesterday we went to Newark Park, which is a National Trust property at the edge of the Cotswolds :)

The first part of the house was built around 1544, and it was extended over the years.

The property was given to the National Trust in 1949 and they let it out as a nursing home. The house and gardens fell into disrepair until the 1970s when the tenancy was given to an American architect who was looking for an English country house to renovate as a project.


The house and gardens are in pretty good shape now, and are open to the public for looking around :)

We didn’t realise until we arrived, but yesterday they were holding an Edwardian themed day, and all of the volunteer staff were dressed in period clothes…it was interesting to see the butler, maids, and lady of the house bringing the house to life again ^^

The rooms are all very interesting to walk around, and the view from the top floor across the Severn Valley is brilliant :)


In one of the rooms on the top floor they had a display about the house and its owner’s links to some of the events in the first world war.


We were also lucky to get a tour of the basement, which isn’t always open to visitors.

They had it decorated as a working Edwardian kitchen, complete with cooks and maids going about their jobs.


Outside the house there are several nice spots for a picnic… may get a curious chicken coming to see what you’re eating though :P


There is a nice walk around the gardens, through some woodland, and down to the pond where you can see the little summer house by the water.

As well as chickens roaming free about the grounds, there are also a few peacocks that can be seen :)


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