Bristol City Museum And Art Gallery – Bristol Doors Open Day 2014

The last place we visited for Bristol Doors Open Day 2014 was Bristol City Museum.

We had a behind the scenes tour which lasted nearly 2 hours, but it was well worth it for a chance to see some of how such an interesting place functions :)


The museum has so many objects in its collection that they are still cataloguing things obtained years and years ago, and their stores are packed full of items…even spilling out into the staff corridors in cabinets functioning as display/storage cases, giving the staff their own museum displays under the public spaces hehe


My favourite areas were where they kept their huge collection of taxidermy animals and bones, including an impressive elephant skeleton…it’s very big up close >.>

It’s impressive that there’s so much hidden right under the feet of visitors in the museum above, but all items are maintained and kept safe even when not on public display.


We were also shown the art storage room where a lot of paintings are stored on sliding racks for easy access to rotate them in displays in the public spaces, and the repair and restoration rooms where painting are maintained :)


There are parts of the building which used to be public spaces for lectures and things, but it’s now just used as offices etc for the museum staff…..they get some really nice looking spaces all to themselves, it must be nice working in there :)


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