30th B’Day and Chogokin Kitty

Yesterday was my 30th birthday, so I took a couple of days off work to be able to go out and have fun ^^

We went out to Longleat Safari Park, which is near Bath and was the first ever safari park created outside of Africa :)

I got some nice gifts and cards from people, so thank you to everyone for that ^-^


I was lucky to get 2 special Hello Kitty things from Y’ to add to my swelling collection.

The first thing was a Hello Kitty 40th anniversary bowl that Y’ got for me while she was in Japan earlier in the year by collecting stickers from Lawson convenience stores :)


The 2nd thing was a special edition  Chogokin Hello Kitty, that celebrates both 40 years of Hello Kitty and 40 years of Chogokin (die-cast metal action figures, generally mecha figures which are still very popular in Japan) :D

The figure is surprisingly heavy, being made of metal, and comes with its own mini Kitty which can sit in the pilot seat in the head of the robot.


The figure can “transform” into 3 different modes, and the display stand even comes with parts to adapt it to hold each mode :)

The 3 modes are “souko mode” where it sits down and drives sideways ;>.>
”suichu mode” for swimming underwater, and “hikou mode” for flying.

You can also shoot both hands off for a special Kitty rocket punch attack ;P


The eyes can also be switched for each mode using a little button inside the cockpit….this is maybe my favourite feature :P

Black eyes for “normal mode”, yellow eyes for “pika pika mode” (shiny shiny mode) to see in the dark and underwater, and red eyes for the “pun pun mode” when ready to attack hehe


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