Longleat Safari Park (part 2)

As well as the main safari park at Longleat there are also many other attractions in the grounds around the outside of the house :)

There are some play areas for children and a massive hedge maze, as well as several areas containing different animals that you can see.

In these areas some of the animals can be seen just running around quite freely you as you pass through, and others are in their own areas mimicking their natural habitats.

In the butterfly house it’s quite easy to be suddenly surrounded by flapping wings, and their colours are amazing :)

There are some smaller animals like rabbits that you can sometimes touch, and in the reptile area I held a friendly snake that held my hand gently with his tail while having a look at me from my other hand ^^


We learnt a couple of things from these animals….herding penguins is hard when it’s their bedtime hehe…..


…..and some types of bat are quite cute :P

DSC07100 (1)

The Jungle Cruise is a popular attraction at Longleat where we had a cruise around the lake :)

In the middle of the lake is Gorilla Island, but there’s only one gorilla living there at the moment, a big silver back who was chilling out on his heated veranda. His partner passed away, and he’s too old now to be placed with other gorillas as it would be too stressful for him….but we’re told he’s quite comfortable in his home which has central heating and a flat screen TV that he got for his 50th birthday >.>

DSC07029DSC07044 (1)

Along another side of the lake is a gorilla enclosure that houses a few other gorillas which were outside having a snack :)

DSC07052 (1)

Following the boat for most of the cruise were 3 sea lions which kept popping up but proved hard to snap a photo of, until the part of the cruise were we turned to head back and they knew that signalled feeding time hehe

The guides sold small cups containing small whole fish that can be thrown out for the sea lions to catch…..from then on it was easy to take photos as they kept pace with the boat and cried out for the fish :P

We were also told that if you’re lucky it’s sometimes possible to see one of the hippos which live in the lake, but not everyone spots them….we were lucky in that we saw a hippo pop its head out of the water twice near the edge of the lake, but we were not fast enough to take a photo of it ^_^;


The last attraction at Longleat is the house, which is huuuge, and I’ll write about that in the next post ;)

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