Longleat Safari Park (part 3)

Longleat house is absolutely massive….I’ve written about some pretty big National Trust houses on here before, but I think you could probably fit several of those houses inside this one >.>

The house is over 400 years old and is the family seat for the Marquess of Bath, it was the first stately home to open to the public.

The house is still used as the main residence for the current Marquess and his family, and it must be amazing to live in a house filled with so much of your own family’s history.

The ceiling of every room is brilliantly styled to match the huge room below it and you should get used to spending a lot of time looking up as you walk around the house ;P

Every room looks like it could’ve been lifted straight from a royal palace, and it just feels like it dwarfs other mansions we’ve visited in this country ^_^;


A house of this size and age, is bound to have its ghost stories, and we passed a haunted stairway on our way through the upstairs rooms ;>.>

The lights flickered and the floorboards creaked from footsteps. A shadow could be seen moving down the stairs, but there was no one there O_o

It reached the bottom of the stairs and stopped, it turned slowly, and then we saw it walking away from us down the corridor where the lights flickered more heavily and then went out.

It was a very clever effect :P


Outside of the house there are several landscaped gardens which are nice to walk around, and it’s a nice way to end the day at Longleat :)


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