Happy Kitchen – Candy Hamburger :D

In Japan you can buy these sweets which you make yourself at home, and they look and taste like various foods, they’re becoming more and more popular over there :)

We’ve tried some before, which can be seen here;




We were surprised each time by how much the sweets actually tasted like what they were supposed to be representing, and it was fun making them, so we bought a couple more to try during our last trip to Japan….the first one is here ;)


From what you get inside the box it’s hard to imagine that you could end up with something that looks like the picture on the front of the box….some plastic trays, little plastic utensils, and several packets of different powders ;>.>

Generally, the sweets are made by adding a little bit of water to each powder and mixing it, and then you put it into a mould to form the shape. But this set was different in that you have to microwave the parts which form the fries, burger, and bun.


The set includes everything you need; even a little measuring cup to pour the water from, and a guide for forming the shape of the cheese :P

When we microwaved the mixture for the fries it smelt just like someone had brought real french-fries into the room >.>


The set also has a powder mix to make ketchup for the hamburger, and another powder for making a small cola drink hehe

When everything was made and put together, it really looked like a miniature fast food set.
I didn’t think the hamburgers had a very strong taste, but I could taste butter from the bun, meat from the burger, and cheese.

The cola drink tasted like liquefied cola bottle sweets, which was nice, and it fizzed up when first mixed.

The most impressive taste was the fries, which were just like tiny french-fries, and the texture was a bit like a slightly dry french-fry, which was pretty impressive considering it was just made by us from powder and water :P


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