Game Store Lock-in

Last night we went to a lock-in at the Game store in Cribbs Causeway :)

The store closed as usual at 8pm, and then the staff wheeled out padded boxes which contained TVs and set them up with Xbox Ones and demo copies of 4 games for us to play on ^^

The event was by ticket only, but the tickets were free (just sign up in advance with your reward card)…we thought there’d be more people with us, but I guess not so many came because of the various fireworks displays also taking place around the city at the same time ^_^;
It worked out nicely for us though because it meant no waiting to play the games :P
There were even snacks and drinks :D


2 of the games we played were recent releases; Forza Horizon 2, and Sunset Overdrive.

Forza was really good; the European scenery was really detailed, and with no pop-up even when you’re speeding through fields and smashing through fences…you’re supposed to go off road during the race, it’s not because we’re bad racing drivers ;P

Sunset Overdrive was fun; it’s more “gamey” I think when compared to most AAA titles released lately. It’s brightly coloured and doesn’t worry about trying to be realistic at all :P
The weapons are all strange things rather than based on real weapons; things like the TNTeddy which launch a teddy-bear loaded with TNT are unlikely to turn up in the next Call of Duty game heh


The other 2 games were ones which are not out yet, but are releasing soon; Assassin’s Creed: Unity, and an indie game called “Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime”.

Unity is set in Paris, and it looked really really good. After climbing the Notre Dame cathedral you can see the city stretching out before you, and huge crowds of NPCs were gathered in the square below making the city come alive.

Lovers is a game that’s great in 2 player co-op; you each control a little guy on a round spaceship and you have to run between the different command consoles to control the various functions of the ship between you. So while one of you is piloting towards your next objective, your partner might be positioning the shield to protect against incoming missiles, or manning one of the turrets to fire back…it was fun and hectic :)


We stayed for about an hour playing games and chatting a bit with the staff, and it was pretty fun ^^

Afterwards it was really strange to come out into an abandoned shopping mall where most of the lights had been switched off hehe


As well as getting the chance to play on some great games, and eat snacks, we were also given some free merchandise to take home with us as a memento ^-^

We’d definitely like to take part in other events like this run by Game if they do them in Bristol sometime.

Thanks to all the staff at Game who had to stay late to make the event possible, everyone there was really friendly, and me and Y’ had a nice time :)


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