Happy Pocky Day ^-^ 11/11

In Japan it’s “Pocky Day” today, as determined by the Glico company, who are the makers of Pocky…nice marketing ploy there :P

The reason it’s Pocky Day is because November 11th, or specifically 11/11, looks like a row of Pocky ^_^;

Anyway, it’s a good excuse to eat more yummy Pocky ;)

We brought a few different Pocky flavours back with us from our last trip to Japan….they were all quite different, and all yummy ^^

The Matcha Chocolate flavour was really nice, mixing the flavours of chocolate and green tea :)


Berry Carnival has a really nice fruity flavour to it, and the coating on the Pocky biscuit is quite thick, so you get a soft bite before the snack of the biscuit ^^


This next one was our favourite of these three, but with an odd name (at least I thought so); Adult Milk flavour ;>.>

The Pocky biscuit is thicker and more crunchy, and the coating is a rich milk flavour which is supposed to be more suited to adult’s tastes rather than children’s…hence the name.


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