Wells Carnival 2014

Last night we went out to see the annual Carnival at Wells, which is part of the route for the county touring Somerset Carnival of Lights, which is the biggest illuminated procession in the world :)

The carnival is made up of a huuuuge selection of carnival floats which are all absolutely covered in lights (thousands of light-bulbs) and blaring music….there are so many that it takes close to 2 hours for the whole procession to pass :D

There are 3 main categories of floats/parades;

The main carnival is the massive floats which are all lit up and have people dancing on them. A lot of these have moving sections which spin and sway, and it looks brilliant in the dark ^^


In contrast to the all singing all dancing floats, there are some which are like dioramas where people on them stay frozen in a pose as part of a scene. These were some of the most detailed, and looked really good :)


In between the floats there were people parading on foot too. They all had a variety of costumes which were lit up and looked really well made.


Altogether the parade is amazing to watch, and even when it started pouring down with rain near the end, that didn’t stop any of the fun :)

The carnival takes place in 7 different towns each year, and is well worth seeing if you can ;)

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