Oxford Christmas Market 2014

At the weekend we travelled to Oxford for a day out and to see the Christmas Market there for the first time :)

The market is in the same style as others we’ve been to, which is based on the German style Christmas markets. The market is smaller than the ones in Bristol and Bath, but there is still a nice selection of different stalls to look at :)


As it was our first time in Oxford we went walking around the city centre a lot just to see what we could find….there are loooaaads of really interesting buildings around, and it’s a really nice place to walk around ^^

There were lots of places that looked interesting to go inside, where allowed, but we didn’t have time this on this trip, so we’ll need to go again ;P


The covered market was an interesting place with lots of different shops inside (a loooot of cafes too it seemed ;>.>), and there were a couple of traditional butcher shops where they had a variety of butchered animals hanging outside, including large whole deer, which you don’t get to see so often these days.


There are several museums around Oxford, but we only went into one this time; The History of Sciences Museum. There were some really interesting old scientific instruments on display in there :)


We’ll definitely go back to Oxford again someday as there’s so much to see ^^

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