Night Glow At Tyntesfield

Friday night we went back to Tyntesfield again for the special Night Glow event they were holding there…..basically the grounds were open until later than usual and all the lights were on in the house so it glows in the dark :)

The path down to the house was really dark, but all along both sides there were tea-lights in lanterns to help you see where to follow the route….a torch was definitely needed though :P


With all of the lights on, and the curtains and blinds opened, the house looked really imposing in the dark, and it was really interesting to see it in such a different atmosphere ^^


Looking through the windows the house looked surprisingly homely for such a huge place, and you could buy separate tickets for families to go inside and see actors giving talks, and telling stories, in character and at the end they met with Father Christmas.


There was also a concert being held in the chapel and we could here the voices of the choir from outside.

The stained glass windows looked really good when lit from inside, but unfortunately it doesn’t come out so well on the photos ^_^;


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