Glastonbury Tor

Yesterday we went to the village of Glastonbury for the first time, the namesake of the famous Glastonbury Festival which is held at Worthy Farm (6 miles east of Glastonbury), and while we were there we climbed up Glastonbury Tor :)

The Tor is maintained by the National Trust and is 158 metres high at its top. There’s a path that runs all the way up from the bottom and along most of it it’s not too steep, although there is one section where it turns tightly to ascend a steeper part of the Tor which is a bit more of a climb.

The weather was nice and clear while we were there, but when we got up onto the main ridge that leads to the top we were hit by a strong constant wind because there’s no shelter at all to protect from it up there.


At the top of the Tor there is a tower, which is the only remains a church which once stood on the site….it provides some much needed shelter from the wind ;)

The view from the top of the Tor is brilliant, and you can see for miles around in all directions ^^



Y’ had heard about a large smooth rock on the side of the Tor known as the “Egg Stone” which is supposed to be a “power spot” able to help wishes come true, so on our way down we decided to try and find it :P

When coming back down the path from the top of the Tor, after coming down the steep part which takes a sharp turn, follow a grass track off from the path and back towards the direction of the church tower…..what you want to look for is the top of a tree poking out from the side of the Tor and head towards that.

If you follow that grass track it pretty much takes you straight to the small cluster of trees and bushes where the Egg Stone is :)

There are quite a few carvings on the stone now, and I don’t know if it can actually help your wishes or not, but it’s a fun thing to find as a little extra while on the site ;P


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