Pero’s Bridge Bristol – “Fog Bridge”

As part of the celebration for Bristol being named European Green Capital Japanese artist Fujiko Nakaya has been invited to create an installation which looks at how climate change may affect the weather and alter people’s lives.

For a week Pero’s Bridge in Bristol will be shrouded in artificial fog created using nozzles lining the bridge which pump out water at high pressure to make a mist.

The affect is quite interesting and it looks very atmospheric from afar….and when you walk through it too ;P

At times the “fog” is so thick that we could barely see in front of us, so walk through carefully if you cross the bridge this week….you might also get a little wet  ^_^;

The “Fog Bridge” is running from 13th February until 22nd February.


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2 Responses to Pero’s Bridge Bristol – “Fog Bridge”

  1. Some nice photos of the fog bridge – I particularly like the last one.
    I wrote a piece on it (here: – Bristol certainly is a fun, and v. interesting place! :)

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