Yesterday we took a trip out to Stonehenge, one of the most famous sites in the world :)

We’ve been before, about 8 years ago, but the visitor areas have all been re-done since then with a whole new building further away from the stones and the nearby main road.

Stonehenge is an English Heritage site, but we recently found out that National Trust members can also get free entry ^^

There are shuttle buses constantly running back and forth between the new visitor centre and Stonehenge itself, but it doesn’t take too long to walk there either……access is along a private road so there is no other traffic apart from the shuttle buses.


The bigger stones which make up the main part of the monument are thought to have been raised around 2400BC to 2200BC, but scientists believe that the site may have been used with smaller stones from as long ago as 3000BC….it’s amazing to think that people could have transported and raised stones of this size all those thousands of years ago >.>

There is a roped off footpath which runs all around the outside of the stones, getting closer and further from them at different parts of the path and giving different views of the stones all the way around.


We took the shuttle bus to go to the stones, but we walked to get back. There’s a path which you can take through fields alongside the road, and there are several burial mounds dotted around throughout the surrounding countryside.


The visitor centre is a new structure which was finished in 2013, and it houses an exhibition centre, cafe, and shop.

There is some interesting information about the history of Stonehenge inside, and some artifacts which have been discovered nearby.


Outside of the centre are some replica Iron-age huts which you can go inside, and it’s interesting to see the kind of spaces that people used to live in :)


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