Bristol Harbourside Bus Rally 2015

Today we stumbled across a vintage bus rally at Bristol Harbourside ;>.>

Seeing as buses are pretty big things it was easy to notice a big gathering of them across from where we were walking, so out of curiosity we went across for a look ;)

It turned out to be very interesting…..there were a loooot of vintage buses parked there, and you could see that these were very well looked after and in great condition despite their varying ages.

It was easy to spot the enthusiasts there, and they were lined up filming whenever one of the buses went out on a run around the city, but even for laymen like us it was surprisingly fun seeing these pieces of history driving around :)


There were also more recent, still in use, buses on display….and whether you use them or not they usually just blend into the background of general life as something that’s just always there, but in this situation you can appreciate just how much the simple bus has evolved over time, and how much work goes into making them ever more comfortable and efficient (in the running of their engines and systems, they still arrive in 3s anyway :P) for passengers and drivers alike.


Throughout the day a selection of the buses were giving free trips around Bristol which lasted between 20 and 45 minutes, taking in sights like Clifton Suspension Bridge, St Mary Redcliff Church, and Temple Meads Station.

It was funny watching people’s heads follow the bus as we drove past…..probably wondering what’s going on with this old bus carrying all those people hehe

And all the bus enthusiasts taking photos and filming us as we passed made us seem like celebrities :P
Although it was only the bus itself that was getting any praise ^_^;


We took rides on 3 buses while we were there, and each was fun in different ways;

The first was bouncy, had a loud engine, and smelt of diesel but was surprisingly fast off the line……and had a really nostalgic interior of the kind that buses (newer then this one) had when I was a child heh


The next was an open top variety which was windy but fun and gave a great view as we rode around. We passed the modern open top tour bus on the way, but I think this old one was more stylish :P


The last one we rode on was the Bio Bus, AKA the “Poo Bus”…..why wouldn’t you want to ride on a bus powered by people’s food waste and excrement? :P
It’s a quiet bus and makes no bad smells despite its fuel source, and the interior was very comfortable after the previous 2 rides lol
The first 2 buses we went on were the more fun experience, but we just wanted to be able to say that we’ve ridden on the Poo Bus ^_^;


I’m not sure if this rally is held every year or not, it’s the first we’ve heard of it, but if they do it again next year then it’s worth going for a look; it’s free entry, interesting to look at, and free rides on fun vintage buses ;)

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2 Responses to Bristol Harbourside Bus Rally 2015

  1. Ah I saw lots of vintage buses driving around and wondered what had been going on, thanks for sharing, looks like fun!

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