Dyrham Park Rooftop Tour

Yesterday we took a trip to Dyrham Park, a National Trust property that we’ve been to before; https://spinner182.wordpress.com/2014/04/05/dyrham-park/

But this time there was a big difference….they’re in the process of a massive restoration project to fix the leaky roof, so the building looks a little different at the moment :P


While they’re doing this visitors are able to go up onto scaffolding and walk all around the outside of the roof ^^

It’s a really interesting chance to see part of the house that you’d otherwise never be able to see ;)

The main access is via a lift which runs up the side of the scaffold to the top and the whole area is completely covered, so you’re protected from the wind and rain while up there. The walkways are also very stable, so it feels safe to walk around :)


As well as being able to see the roof structure and chimneys, it’s also a brilliant chance to see the statues, sculptures, and decorative features up close….things which you’d usually only see from ground level quite far below.


At a couple of points along the route around the roof there are viewing platforms which look out over the back and front of the house at the gardens and grounds there :)


While the restoration work is being carried out you can still go into some parts of the house, but the room selection is a bit different from usual.

Some of the main rooms are open and some are closed off, but more of the conservation/store rooms are also open at the moment so it’s a chance to see new aspects inside the building as well as outside ;P


We were also lucky to be able to get surprisingly close to some of the local deer population on this visit too >.>

Last time we didn’t see any at all, but this time they were coming very close to people and not seeming bothered by them at all.


The restoration is quite a long term project at Dyrham Park, and it’s definitely worth going along for a look during this period to see parts of the building that you may never have the chance to see again :)

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