Clerkenwell Design Week 2015

This week was Clerkenwell Design Week in the Clerkenwell area of London, it’s an interiors and design exhibition where most of the showrooms in the area are open to all registered visitors, and several interesting venues have visiting companies exhibiting from all of the UK and Europe :)

My office sent me (and Y’ as my assistant to help me gather info) down for a couple of days, and it was an overload of inspiration :D

It’s a great chance to see upcoming trends in the furniture/flooring/lighting industries, and a chance to enter some really interesting spaces like multi-storey disused factories and church catacombs all filled with companies showing their latest designs and new releases :)

We talked to a lot of people who really know their product, picked up a lot of booklets and information sheets, and took a lot of photos…’s great to go back to the office again with loads of fresh new ideas and inspiration for the next projects which land on my desk ^^


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