Shaun In The City, in London

Following on from the success of Gromit Unleashed back in 2013 ( ) it’s the turn of Shaun the Sheep this year, with the Shaun in the City event :)

Since 28th March there has 50 Shaun statues dotted around the City of London, with their patterns all designed by different artists / celebrities / etc, and they will be there until 31st May.

Then from 6th July until 31st August there will be 70 Shauns dotted around their home city of Bristol for you to hunt down ;)
The statues are part of a big fundraising campaign for the Children in Hospitals charity.

While we were in London on business we were able to use our free time periods to go out sheep spotting, and we managed to stumble across 12 of them ^^

In the summer when the statues are in and around Bristol I’ll upload photos of their locations as we find them, for anyone who isn’t able to come and see them. Last time we managed to photograph every Gromit on the Gromit Unleashed trail, including 1 or 2 hidden extra ones :P


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