Tyntesfield “The Great Exhibition”

During the bank holiday weekend there was a Victorian themed “Great Exhibition” at Tyntesfield, the National Trust property :)

Throughout the weekend a group of Victorian military enthusiasts are camped on the grounds outside of the house, where you can see an authentic styled “Red Coats” camp.

It’s quite impressive how they’ve got it set up with the full uniform, equipment, and camping sets.

At the front of the house there are some Victorian style fun-fare games too.


A few times throughout the day the soldiers perform marching drills and firing exercises, along with commentary explaining what they are doing and why :)


As well as the regular soldiers in their red coats there is also a small squad representing the volunteer corps, which demonstrate signalling manoeuvres.


Another guest over the weekend was Queen Victoria, and she could be seen in the house and around the grounds outside ;)


At the end of the day the soldiers took to the lawn again for a demonstration of a changing of the guard, and a keys parade for locking up the gates of a fort at the end of the day.

It was interesting to watch, and the guys look good in their  uniforms with all the details etc on them……a very different style from modern soldiers though ;>.>


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2 Responses to Tyntesfield “The Great Exhibition”

  1. James Dix says:


    Glad you enjoyed the show – I’d like to use a couple of your photos on our Facebook page if you don’t mind? Please contact me by email to discuss. Thanks! James (From the Volunteer Corp!)

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