Thoughts On – Mad Max: Fury Road

*This is not a review, but just some of my thoughts on the movie.*
*There will be spoilers ahead.*

Last night I saw the new Mad Max movie. It’s not exactly a reboot of the old movie series from the 80s, but it’s not really a direct sequel either. It perhaps fits somewhere in between the second and third movies.

Max seems madder than I remember him being in the Mel Gibson movies, and I think that having seen those movies before this new one it makes it easier to see why he’s going mad, as it’s only really hinted at through his delusions here.

I thought Tom Hardy made a good fit for the character, but his accent seemed a little odd at times ^_^;
He doesn’t really speak much at all throughout the movie, but when he first talks I thought he had a bit of Australian in his accent, later though there were hints of Bane from The Dark Knight Rises >.>
It fits together to just make him seem more mad though ;P

Charlize Theron’s Furiosa seemed more like the main character of the movie than Max really, but she was also an interesting character to watch on the journey. The effects on her missing arm were really well done, and the design of her metal replacement was like something out of an Anime series :)

The overall design of the movie was excellent, the vehicles, characters, and weapons all looked suitably adapted to the harsh environment of the Mad Max world; covered in improvised armour, spikes, and weapons. It was also pretty cool how each vehicle had its own customised steering wheel, which seemed to be used in place of keys to allow access to the vehicles (they get removed when not in use).

Several vehicles felt like characters in themselves as they thundered along through the sand, and the War Rig was particularly awesome with its protruding super charger, hidden weapons, plow, spiked wheels and mounted guns. That thing got the main group through a lot and it was kinda sad when its turbo was ripped out like having its heart torn from its body.

It was also a shame that we didn’t get to see more of Max in his own car based on the interceptor from the first couple of movies, and when it was refitted for the War Boys use it ended up destroyed again, crushed between two tankers and ripped apart ^_^;

The three leaders from the three different towns all looked suitably mental in their own ways, and their styles, and that of their armies, fit with the theme of their individual towns. I learnt that fancy masks can lead to having your face ripped off though :P

One of the more bizarre additions to the attacking forces was the huge vehicle with drums mounted on the back, and the guy stood on the front playing a guitar that shoots flames….made me grin every time :D
That guy was loving every moment blasting out rock music along with the thumping of the war drums to lead the charge, and there was a great bit of subtle comedy at one point when the convoy was forced to a halt and the guitarist slowed his rhythm before suddenly stopping when he realised that the charge had been delayed….you could just imagine him saying “aawww”

The sound was brilliant throughout the movie and with the above mentioned guitarist and thumping drums, as well as revving engines and explosions, it’s a movie that’s well worth seeing in a cinema where you can really “feel” the sound coming from the speakers :P

Seeing it on a big screen also helps you to take it all in when there’s so much happening on screen at once. Towards the end of the final confrontation you’ve got cars everywhere, two trucks bashing into each other through the middle, motorbikes zipping about, people climbing across the tankers and people swinging back and forth across the screen on pendulums mounted to the backs of cars to drop explosives……it’s mad :P

It’s a great, fun, movie that’s pretty much one long chase scene. Sit back and enjoy ;)

Mad Max Fury Road

It’s made me want to re-watch the first three movies again now ^_^;

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