Thoughts On – Jurassic World

This week we went to see Jurassic World at the cinema, and it was really good :)

The first Jurassic Park movie came out when I was at  peak dinosaur interest age, so that was one of my favourite movies, and the effects were unbelievable at the time. The Lost World, and Jurassic Park 3 are both OK movies, but the first is the best……and happily Jurassic World works as a sequel that you can take straight on from the first movie ^^

*Possible spoilers ahead.*

As should be expected of a movie with a pedigree like this one the effects are pretty good throughout, with a mix of mostly CGI, and animatronics in some places, the dinosaurs are believable and interact well with the people and scenery. One of the nicest things was seeing a fully operational park brought to life showing what could have been in the original Jurassic Park if things hadn’t gone wrong.

The main characters were good to follow apart from a slight issue with the stereotypical kids. It makes sense to have them in the movie as a means to show the wonders of the park through their eyes, but why oh why does the teenager have to be obsessed with teenage girls to the point where he just gormlessly stares at them, and why does the younger kid have to be some kid of prodigy that knows every minute detail about every dinosaur, sure have him know a lot about the thing he’s interested in, but not to an encyclopaedic extent :/

The new “dinosaur” Indominus Rex, or I-Rex, was something that I was expecting to make or break the movie, since it seems to have divided people so much since news of it first came out.

The idea of making a new type of dinosaur as a new attraction for the park kinda makes sense, but it had a big impact on the style of the movie by going this way. The first Jurassic Park movie has the human characters in tense situations where the threat, and wonder, comes from dinosaurs in general being brought back to life. But in Jurassic World it’s changed into more of a straight monster movie, where the I-Rex is a monster that threatens not just the human characters but all of the dinosaurs in the park as well.

Even when the raptors turned on the humans it still felt like they were a temporary threat, no big deal really, they’re bound to come around again when confronted with Chris Pratt’s character who’s been shown to have a bond with them…and sure enough, they do. It even gets to the point where a T-Rex chasing someone is not exciting, as it lazily seems to follow, rather than chase, a woman just so it can be moved to the final showdown against the only real enemy; I-Rex… else do you explain someone being able to outrun something which nearly caught a car in earlier movies while wearing high heels ^_^;

It’s a shame that in general the dinosaurs were so pacified in this movie, when their nature should have made them more unpredictable and exciting like in the first movie.

I think the creators of the movie knew that they had a lot to live up to, and the use of elements of the theme music throughout were brilliant, and evoked a real nostalgic feeling :)

When several characters stumbled across ruins from the original visitor centre which featured at the end of Jurassic Park (Jurassic World is set on the same island as the first movie) there were loads of nods to fans of the first movie, and it was also a really nice way to tie things together ^^

Overall it is a very good movie though, and it was fun to watch, which is the important thing ;P

I would recommend it; watch it, enjoy it, and come close to believing that dinosaurs roam the Earth through the screen in front of you :)


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