Upton House and Gardens

Upton House is a property and surrounding land owned by the National Trust since 1948.

The current building dates from around 1695 and the estate has passed through the hands of several families, with the last of those being the son of the founder of the Shell oil company.

At the moment at the property it is set up to tell the story of the estate during the second world war period.


To the back of the house there are some really nice stepped gardens which run down a steep hill to a pond at the bottom.

It’s really interesting as it’s like a secret world hidden from view of the house and lawn above :)


The lawn above the stepped gardens is a big flat open space featuring a small swimming pool in one corner….it must’ve been ideal for garden parties during the time that people lived here ^^


When entering the house you start off in the kitchen area before being led through to the dining room. In here there’s a cool little presentation to transport you back to the war years through the use of a short film projected onto the ceiling above the dining room table :)

After this you’re free to move through the house at your own pace.


During the war the family owned bank, M. Samuel & Co, relocated its offices and staff from London to Upton House where it was deemed to be safer from bombing.

In the house now you can see rows of type writers and the rooms where the staff slept.


The staff areas were separated from the family’s rooms….and the family had some reeeaally fancy areas >.>

This is the first time we’ve ever seen a big bathroom with walls lined in aluminium leaf….a bit unusual hehe

There are some really nice spaces to look around, and it’s interesting seeing how the different people lived :)


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