Shaun in the City (Part 2)

If you pick up the map for the Shaun in the City trail you’ll see that they’ve grouped the Shauns on the map to create easy to follow routes to visit the statues in batches.

Since it was not very good weather today we decided to start our first proper sheep hunting trip with the “Sheep Drive” route…..which involves driving between the most spread out Shauns around the outer areas of Bristol. This route actually includes the 3 Shauns from my previous post too.

“Starstruck” is outside the main building at Bristol Parkway Station.


“Two Hoots” is at Snuff Mills Park, River view…..just follow the path a little way from the car park and you’ll spot it ;)


“Melonie” is at Fountain Square, Staple Hill.


“Buddleia” is at Warmley Waiting Room, on what used to be the train station platform.


“Frank” is inside Broadwalk Shopping Centre, Knowle.

This one’s very interesting as it’s covered in looooaaaads of individual stamps >.>


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