Kingston Lacy

Kingston Lacy is a huge country house and estate in Dorset owned by the National Trust. The current house dates from the 17th century, and it’s a really impressive place ^^


The inside of the house feels very different to other National Trust houses that we’ve visited…everything just seems bigger, grander, and brighter in its colour schemes.

There is a lot of marble used throughout the house which makes everything brighter and feel more spacious.

The detail in the rooms is amazing, and there are a lot of very impressive carvings in wood and stone throughout :)


This year marks the 10th anniversary of the restoration of the Japanese garden at Kingston Lacy, so they’ve had a small exhibition in one of the rooms.

We were lucky to catch the exhibition while we were there, but it’s come to an end now. The garden is still there to see though ;)


The grounds around the house are massive, and there are miles and miles of walks available ;>.>

There are large open spaces, woodland walks, and formal garden walks….plus of course the Japanese garden.

There are a couple of Japanese themed spaces near the official Japanese garden, which is a “tea garden”, and you can wonder through these and there are plenty of spots to sit and rest. Unfortunately you’re not able to walk through the tea garden itself as it’s delicate.

The original Japanese tea garden was created in the 1900s, and this restoration looks good. Although you can’t go inside, there are spots around it where you can view the space, and there’s a viewing spot on a hill which looks down on it.


If you walk up to the top end of the estate you’ll reach the kitchen gardens, here they have an impressive selection of vegetables flanked by huge sun flowers :)

Next to the kitchen gardens they have flower gardens too, which have some really interesting plants to look at.


At this end of the estate you’ll also find public allotments, and the resident pigs.

They’re some of the chattiest pigs we’ve ever seen, and it’s strangely easy to just stand and watch them / listen to them for ages hehe


Kingston Lacy is a very impressive place, and it’s somewhere that’s worth more than one visit to truly appreciate everything there.

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