Shaun in the City (Part 4)

For the next round of sheep hunting we followed the “Brunel Trail” on the Shaun in the City map :)

If you walk the entire route it’ll be quite a long trek, and it’ll be fairly hard too, but doable.

We drove between the first 2 Shauns, then parked by the Clifton Suspension bridge and walked the rest of the route, which was still a good long walk but more manageable ;P

“Buttercup” is outside the Courtyard Cafe at Ashton Court.


“Flora” is at the carpark for the Golf and Cycle Hub in the Ashton Court Estate.


“Isambaaard” is across from the visitor centre on the Leigh Woods side of Clifton Suspension Bridge.


“Sheep’s Eye View” is outside the Clifton Observatory.


“Baa-Lloon!” is on Sion Hill at the viewing point for the suspension bridge.


“Wish Ewe Were Here” is at the back of the Avon Gorge Hotel in the outside cafe area.


“The Shear Speed Helter Skelter” is inside the Mall Gardens in Clifton Village.


“Bloomin’ Gorge-ous” is on Christchurch Green in Clifton, opposite the church.


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