Half a Day in Amsterdam :)

For our recent trip to Holland we stayed at a hotel in Amsterdam, and from there we visited other towns and cities too…..some on the hunt for the Miffy Art Parade statues, and some just to see what was out away from the main tourist spots.

The first half of our first day was spent in Amsterdam though, exploring the city on foot mostly but with a couple of rides on the trams :)

Amsterdam is such an interesting city to just wonder around in, even if you have no set plan for which route to take. At this time we knew where we wanted to get to within the city, the locations of the Miffy statues, but to get there was just headed in the general direction and happened across things as we went :P


Amsterdam is a city with a rich history in architecture and public art, and especially in the old central city areas it’s always amazing what you can stumble across if you just take a look along a street as you pass….you never know what you’ll spot at the other end which is worth investigating ^^


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2 Responses to Half a Day in Amsterdam :)

  1. khayceelyn says:

    Cool place. Hope to visit there. Sooonnnn..

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