Madurodam Miniature Park

On our way back towards Den Haag from Scheveningen we stopped at Madurodam, a miniature park depicting lots of Dutch landmarks, town, cities, etc :)

When you look out over the park it doesn’t seem like such a large area, but it was easy to spend a lot of time in there as you following the twisting and turning paths around all the different sections.


The models are all at 1:25 scale, 25 times smaller than their real life counterparts, and the detail on everything is amazing ^^

There are several trains running on tracks which encircle and cross through the park, and moving boats in the water…..even some of the cars are moving, driving along the tiny roads between the tiny houses :D


It’s a really fun place to visit and walk around looking at all of the models, and feeling like a giant :P

Part of what makes it all look so good is the real plants which are kept small and trimmed to look like trees and things, it’s really effective.


If you ever go to Den Haag then you should definitely go to Madurodam ;)


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