Shaun in the City (Part 5)

Yesterday we went out and followed the Heritage Trail on the Shaun in the City map. It’s based around the Clifton Triangle and Park Street area and ticks off another 8 Shauns ;)

This trail is a fairly easy walk that took just over an hour to complete.

“Baa-Wulf” is outside the Hippodrome.


“King Arthur of Lambelot & Excalibaaar” is outside the Cathedral by College Green. This one’s a bit different because it comes with an accessory :)


“From Dusk ‘Til Shaun” is in Brandon Hill Nature Park. It’s along one of the lower paths round to the side though, not up the top by Cabot Tower like we were expecting….save yourself from a climb up the slope ^_^;


“Arabian Lights” is inside the entrance lobby at Bristol Museum & Art Gallery. This one’s different because it’s hollowed out with lights inside and holes through the body for it to shine through.


“Baaack to the Drawing Board” is inside Bristol Museum & Art Gallery.


“Thunderbirds Are Go” is outside Bristol Grammar School on Elton Road.


“Rex” is outside the Royal West of England Academy.


“Flock ‘n Roll” is outside the Victoria Rooms and bears a resemblance to our duck Jack :P


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