Shaun in the City (Part 6)

Yesterday we took a nice walk in the sun following the Harbourside Trail to find another 12 of the Shaun in the City statues :)

This is quite a long route to follow, but it’s all on flat ground, so it’s long but easy…..and the route around the side of the water is really nice too ^^

We didn’t follow the trail in the correct order this time though, we altered it a little so that we could start and finish from the car park behind M Shed where we parked ;P

So this is the order we did it, not the order from the map, but we saw all of the same ones from the map’s route order.

“Bahhbersheep” is on the corner of the entrance to Wapping Wharf car park, behind M Shed.


“Shaun Bean” is on the corner of Narrow Quay outside Arnolfini.
This would be the last one you see if you follow the direction on the map.


“Beach Boy” is at the top of Cascade Steps on the harbourside.
This is the first one you would see if you follow the route on the map.


“Green Poems for a Blue Planet” is outside Bristol 2015 Lab, just down from the Tourist Information Centre.


“Life Aquatic” is outside Bristol Aquarium.


“Dolly” is outside Hargreaves Lansdown on Anchor Road.


“Air Fleece” is next to Canon’s Marsh Amphitheatre. If you follow the route on the map and head straight down to the waterside from Dolly, and head left to the Amphitheatre you won’t see it… need to walk around to the other side. (took us a little while to discover this ^_^;)


“On The Waterfront” is on Hotwells Road opposite the SS Great Britain.


“Jarsberry Ram” is just outside The Pump House pub on Merchants Road.


Just across the bridge we found a rather familiar looking dog guarding its owner’s front gate :P

This is not the first time we’ve stumbled across Gromberry out in the wild:)


Back to the sheep now;

“Sgt. Shepherd” is on Baltic Walk off from Cumberland Road.


“Lotus” is outside the offices of Aardman Animations, the birthplace of Shaun the Sheep.


And last, but not least, on our route we end on “The Pirate Captain” outside M Shed around the other side of the building from the road.


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