Shaun in the City (Part 8)

Yesterday we followed the Temple Trail on the Shaun in the City map, but we went through it in reverse order because it was easier that way from where we were parked :P

This one was a nice easy walk around some areas in Bristol that we don’t go through very often, so it’s nice finding new things in the city :)

Several of the areas on this trail have 2 Shauns each.

“Justice Lamb” is in Queen Square at on of the corners.


“King Of The Carnival” is also in Queen Square, in the middle of the square.


“Willow” is outside St Mary Redcliffe Church.


“Sheepish” is in Temple Church Gardens on Church Lane.


“Bingo!” is at Quay Side, Temple Back, just outside the DAS building.


“Rosie” is at Temple Quay next to Valentine’s Bridge.


“Great West Shaun” is also at Temple Quay, just outside the Wetherspoons.


“Alright Me Babber?” is outside the front of Temple Meads Station.


“The Bristol Express” is also outside Temple Meads Station, just across from “Alright Me Babber?”.


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