Shaun in the City (Part 10)

Well here it is, the end of the sheep hunt, the final batch of Shaun in the City statues to be found in Bristol :)

These ones are all on the Old City Trail around the main shopping streets in the city…..we didn’t follow the exact order again though :P

“Honey” is outside of St Stephen’s Church in St Stephen’s Street.


“Woolly Wonderland” is inside the entrance to St Nicholas Market.


“Knitwit” is in Castle Park, close to the ruined church.


“Lily” is at Lower Castle Street, on the corner outside of Castle Park.


“Bagpuss Shaun” is in Cabot Circus.


“Please Stand By” is at the Broadmead Podium.


“Cecilia” is inside the Galleries Shopping Centre.


“Shaun On The Cob” is in Broadmead, just outside of M&S.


“Lamb Chop” is outside Bristol Bus Station.


“Maisy and Friends” is outside Bristol Children’s Hospital.


If you’ve been going out to see the Shauns for yourself then tomorrow is your last chance to see any you missed. After tomorrow they are all being taken away for cleaning, before going on display at a ticketed event at Cribbs Causeway from the 12th to 20th of September.

The display will also feature the Shauns which were out in London, making a total of 120 sheep all under one roof :P

Following that they will all be auctioned off with the proceeds going to The Grand Appeal children’s charity.

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