Camping in East Sussex ^-^

Last week we went camping for 3 nights in East Sussex ^^

We’ve not really been that far South East in the UK before, so we wanted to check out a few places around there :)

Throughout this week I’ll upload things in more detail about where we went, but for now…

We camped at a farm campsite which was right in the middle of most of the places we wanted to visit, so it was perfect as a base :)

It took 4 hours to drive there though (including a little stop for a break), so by the time we’d set up camp we decided to just relax at the tent for the remainder of the day…..Y’ cooked the obligatory Japanese curry for our evening meal, which she says is a must have when camping with Japanese people :P

It started raining just after we’d finished cooking, but this year we came prepared with a tarp shelter which we’d already set up for just such an occasion……so we just shifted the table and chairs under there and were able to eat in the dry ^-^


The first night was absolutely freezing inside the tent…..I’d bought a new double sleeping-bag style bedding set for use with our airbed, but I thought the big 20° on it meant that it would keep us at a snug 20°C…..Y’ told me that it actually means it’s meant to be used in warmer camping conditions of around 20° air temperature or something like that  ^_^;

The next morning was bright and sunny though, and we had reheated curry and rice left from the night before which we melted cheese on top of, yummy ^^

For our first day out we drove across to Dover to see the white cliffs, Fan Bay Deep Shelter, and South Foreland Lighthouse.


We arrived back at the campsite and attempted a barbeque, but the instant lighting charcoal bag just burnt through the paper bag and left the charcoal itself unheated -_-

We abandoned that idea and got out our gas powered camping hob to cook with instead (we use it for most of our cooking while camping anyway…it works very well ^^)….by now though it was dark, so we cooked by torchlight ^_^;


The second night wasn’t as cold as the first, but we still piled on any blankets and towels we had with us, and wore fleecy coats in bed…..this situation will need to be rectified for next year ;>.>

Y’ cooked a quick yummy breakfast for us and then we headed out to the town of Rye, and then over to Scotney Castle :)


While we were out we bought some fire lighters, and when we returned to camp we finally managed a successful barbeque :D


The last night was cold again, but we were getting more used to it ^_^;
We used to bring a big duvet to sleep under when camping, which was nice and warm, but we bought the double sleeping-bag style thingy instead to save on space when packing the car….it did save space, but we’ll need to camp during better weather or bring more blankets next time ^_^;

On the last morning at the campsite we packed up the tent and were luckily able to get it dried out between rain showers. Then we ate a breakfast of instant noodles under the tarp before finishing the packing and heading out.

Before starting the drove home though we went to see Bodiam Castle :)


It was a fun trip, but we’re still learning things to improve on the next time ;P

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