Lamb House, Rye

Lamb House is an 18th-century town house owned by the National Trust located in the medieval town of Rye :)

The house has been home to a number of writers including Henry James, and E.F. Benson.

A tenant lives in the house and maintains it on behalf of the National Trust, so during open hours only a few of the downstairs rooms and the garden are open to the public.

It’s a nice little house to look in, but we didn’t feel like there was a huge amount to see really, as we’re not familiar with the writers who’ve lived there ^_^;


The town of Rye itself is very nice to walk around as it’s maintained the charm from its beginnings in the 12th century, with some really nice buildings to view from the cobbled streets :)

It’s quite a small town, so it’s easy to have a good walk around and see a lot of nice things within a relatively short time ;)


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2 Responses to Lamb House, Rye

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hello, I’m writing from a small publishing house from Barcelona called Gatopardo ( We came across the pictures of the lamb house and we would like to use one of them for a forthcoming publication, the one where you can see the desk and fireplace with a bust. I would like to know how we can proceed, as we need copyright permission and high-resolution image.
    Thank you very much. Best,


    • Spinner182 says:

      Hello Anna, it would be ok for you to use that photo in the publication.

      Can you let me know an email address I can contact you on please, and then I will send you the original image

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