Scotney Castle

Scotney Castle is an English country house owned by the National Trust….although it’s called a “castle” it doesn’t really look like what you’d expect a castle to look like ^_^;

The house has only been open to the public since 2007 and it’s a big place with a lot of rooms to look around :)

The main house is actually the 2nd “castle” within the grounds of the estate. What remains of the old, smaller, “castle” house are on a small island within a lake below the grounds of the new house.


The old house has a very fairy tail look to it, and sits within its own manicured gardens.

A large portion of the original house is nothing but the outer walls now, however a portion of the house remains intact and you can go inside to see the bare rooms there…..this house looks like it would have been really nice to live in if it was still in one piece and modernised a little :P


As well as the 2 houses and the gardens around them, there is also a separated walled garden.

Here you can see a lot of vegetables being grown and a wide variety of plants :)


Scotney Castle is a great place to visit, and you get to see 2 interesting properties in one place :)

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