On Wednesday we went to Dismaland in Weston-Super-Mare :D

Dismaland is an art exhibition set up by the Bristol street artist Banksy; a “Bemusement Park” :P

Tickets have been selling out really quickly each time they were released, and even people without tickets can queue for a chance to try and get in on some of the extra spaces in each time slot, it’s been extremely popular during its limited run which ends this weekend……even with tickets we were in a queue for about 40 minutes before actually getting inside >.>


All of the staff at Dismaland are suitably dismal, and they’ll insult you, play jokes on you, and patronise you at every opportunity……it’s a bit like a masochist’s paradise ^_^;
They were funny though :P


There’s a huge variety of really creative art and sculpture in the place, and there was a lot more in there than we were expecting.



Some of the things were very weird……but it was all very interesting ^^


There was soooo much to see there that we underestimated how much time we would need, so near the end we had to rush a little to be able to get back to the car in time before our parking expired ^_^;


Dismaland was a fascinating place to visit, and if there’s ever anything like this again it’ll be worth going there ;)


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