Montacute House

Montacute House is an Elizabethan mansion owned by the National Trust in the town of Montacute in Somerset……The name keeps making me think of Romeo & Juliet, but that’s Montague ^_^;

Parts of the house and grounds were used for filming the TV series Wolf Hall.

On the day we went there was also a farmer’s market being held in the stables area :)


The house is huge, and it has some nice surrounding gardens which can be walked around easily and even at this time of year they still had some colourful flowers blooming ^^

Outside of the gardens is a massive parkland which is also open for people to walk around, although we didn’t go out there ourselves as it was a bit wet.


Inside the house there are some really big impressive rooms to see, and each one is furnished with pieces from the period along with lots of interesting portraits on the walls :)

It really is a grand looking place, and we even found an early version of an en-suite bedroom complete with a bath in a cupboard ;P


On of the most impressive spaces inside the house is the Long Gallery on the second floor, which spans the entire length of the building…..we’ve not seen many spaces as long and as open as this in the various mansions we’ve visited, so it really stands out once you step into it :)


Montacute House was really interesting to look around, but it was a shame that it rained while we were there so we couldn’t go exploring in the parkland. We still managed to enjoy the gardens and the house itself though ^-^

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