Happy Pocky Day 2015! :D

November 11th is “Pocky Day” in Japan, since 11/11 looks like a row of yummy Pocky :P

There are loads of different / yummy / interesting Pocky flavours available to try in Japan, some of which I’ve written about on here before….and here are some more varieties that we’ve had from Japan this year :)

These first ones are Purple Sweet Potato flavour…..a flavour that I’d never expect to see for a chocolate and biscuit snack, but surprisingly they taste alright ;>.>


Next is something a little more traditional; Chocolate Truffle flavour. The coating around the biscuit was yummy and kinda like a mousse :)


All three of these first ones are shorter than normal Pocky sticks, and with a thicker coating…..these ones had the thickest though and were a yummy custard flavour ^-^


Next is a Pocky variety of normal length….they’re not panda flavour though :P

These are cookies and cream flavour with a really nice design to all of the packaging :)


To finish with, these ones have a more unusual packaging design….the box has pop up arms at the front, and eyes which you can poke out at the back >.>

This bear character is Kumamon, the mascot for Kumamato prefecture which is now popular all across Japan, and the Pocky sticks were hot chocolate drink flavour.

A fun packet with yummy snacks inside ^^


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