Oakham Treasures

Oakham Treasures is a privately owned museum near Bristol that’s been open to the public since 2008. It’s one of the largest museums of retail and farming history in the UK :)

When you first enter the cafe area, and when you enter the main museum space too, you might spot a few familiar faces….there are 2 Gromits from the Gromit Unleashed trail on display in the cafe; Creature Comforts and Mandrills Best Friend, and 5 Shauns from the Shaun In The City trail in the museum space; Isambaaard, Tutti Fruitti, Sheep Shape & Bristol Fashion, Alright me Babber and Bagpuss….now that’s quite an impressive collection right there, even before you get to looking around at all the other things ;>.>


The museum is essentially the collection of one man that has been put on display, and the place is run by the family.

We started in the main retail section of the collection, and there are looooaaads of things in there….sooo much stuff O_o

It’s very impressive though, and it’s really really interesting seeing these kinds of things from shops etc which normally wouldn’t have survived to be seen by future generations like this :)

We spent ages just in this part of the museum alone, and it’’ was very fun spotting things from brands which are still around these days and seeing how much (or how little) their packaging designs and things have changed.


Other large sections of the museum house a vast collection of old tractors and a few combine harvesters.

There are some impressive machines on display, and it’s interesting to see how they seem to get bigger and bigger as they’re developed through the years.


In what seems to be a newer section, with space for adding even more to the collection, there are lots of decorated tractor seats, petrol station signs, tools and old cars.

There’s sooo much to see here, and it looks like the collection will continue to grow, it really is worth a visit if you get the chance :)


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