Bristol Christmas Market 2015

This year we didn’t go to as many different Christmas markets as in previous years, but we did go to the 3 nearest big ones; Gloucester Quays, Bath and Bristol……All 3 were great as usual, but the Bristol market stood out the most for me this year :)

The market seems to be gradually evolving into its own style and there are now some really good individual stalls / structures there.


All of the stalls have a nice solid look about them, like they’re permanent structures rather than standard market stalls, and there are some really interesting ones like a giant Father Christmas with the market stall opening out from under his coat :D


Each year it becomes more and more fun to go and see the Bristol Christmas Market ^^

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5 Responses to Bristol Christmas Market 2015

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  2. Jake Wilding says:

    I love Christmas markets! I haven’t been to Bristol’s before but I did go to Lincoln’s last week!

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